Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Addition

We have the exterior almost done , only some trim on the corners and the doors , left to do . However ,  we have decided to add a small addition to the rear of the barn . Two reasons for this , first is to add four feet to the center aisle , and the second , to add to the overall look of the rear wall . The barn is thirty two feet in depth , which makes it a little tight when parking two vehicles end to end . The extra four feet will allow the hood , or trunk to set in this addition . The following text and pictures will show where we are at this point in the build . (Spring 2015)

   We poured the cement pad for this , late in 2014 . Same type of monolithic pour as the main pad . Actually this whole , little addition , is like building the main barn all over again in miniature .

   Had to shim out the post , on each side to get the size right . Other wise when we get to the metal roof , the panels and the edge trim would not come out as planned . It took a lot of drawings to get this addition to fit .

   I prefit each piece . Lay them out , and cut some of them , right on the pad . You should be able to see the drawing marks on the cement . This will insure , that when we reinstall the pieces , with glue on them , that they are right on the money .

   Overkill ? Maybe . But it is just how I like to work . Plus we have the time to do it.

   Once all the lower sills have been fitted , and we are sure they are right , I will remove them , so that Lin can apply the solution of insect protection that we use .

   Lin has done all of the brush work on this project . She is shown here applying three liberal coats of the insect solution to the sill plates . All of our sills and all of the framing , two feet up from the ground level , have received this treatment .

   We hope you are enjoying the progress . Will add post on how we are doing , as the weather , allows us to get back to it.
   Thanks for following our barn .

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