Sunday, April 26, 2015

View of the Interior

   Would like to show a couple of pictures of how the interior of our barn was done . The posts are Douglas Fir , as are most of the bookshelve grits . The diagonal walls are local grown , cedar. The interior is actually the first layer of the exterior . We then cover the first layer with a special black paper , and than add the vertical outside siding . Lin did all the interior walls with clear coat lacquer .

    The boards are just square cut , no matching or ship lapped . I select and match them for fit , most of the stuff from this local mill is very good . The boards that are not , totally straight , we use on the exterior . Once in a while if needed , I would plane an edge to get a better fit , if the board was extra nice . In both pictures you can see , tarps have been hung on the outside to keep the walls dry , while we constructed them . These two pictures are from July 2012 .

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   Thanks again for your interest .

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