Monday, May 11, 2015

Flashing on the Addition

   Trying to get back at work on the addition . So far the weather in 2015 has not been very cooperative . We have had all the parts to do this next step since last year . The roof where it attaches to the back , needs flashing and splash strips under the flashing . It is a six twelve pitch , so needed to use the walk board again to stay on the metal .

   Had to bevel the back of the seals , so the fit under the flashing would be correct. This will keep driven rain and insects etc. out , yet let the roof breath .

   Flashing fit now was real good . Pre drilled all holes . Than used window type fortiflash to seal up the wall , will use two layers of special paper over this , as did on all of the barn .

   Good to get this done . Have received over six inches of rain on it in the last three days . The only thing doing well around here is the grass . But we did miss all the violent storms , and had no damage , so all is good .

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