Monday, July 18, 2016

Lin's special pony

Lin hasn't had a Mustang since her 68 coupe , back in 1970. So when the six speed MINI didn't work out for her, ( more than she needed in traffic ). We decided to sell it . Also sold the Harley Sportster . We knew it was time to move on with that as well . Getting too old for two wheelers . Time comes when you have to move on . Sold the enclosed trailer along with it .

This would allow us to purchase a late model Mustang convertible . I decided it had to be RACE RED . Lin decided that it had to have the SADDLE LEATHER interior . We also wanted it to be either a Pony Pkg or better still , an MCA edition . I really didn't want to have to travel more than 600 miles one way , to make the purchase . Not easy to find . Spent almost four months to locate the one that fit all the criteria .  Price was also a factor .

Found this one in Kentucky . Long drive in two days last Sept .

The first five pictures that follow , were taken by the dealer , before we went to get it .

Rear and right side .

Rear with dealer plate .

Saddle interior .

Side view .
Front view .
As you can see , this is a very special Mustang . The M C A Edition has some unique features not found on any other factory built Mustangs .  Billet upper and lower grille inserts. Mustang badge in upper right grille . Fade away M C A stripes on both lower sides . Custom painted 18 inch wheels .
The M C A editions also share in the package with the Pony editions the following . Factory mounted lower fog lights , and the rear deck spoiler . 

In 2013 Ford only produced 92 M C A convertibles in RACE RED . And of the 92 , only six with the SADDLE LEATHER interior .

No wonder it took more than four months to find one ! 

M C A Editions only came with the 305 HP V6 . This one has the shiftable six speed automatic transmission . 

Lin is very happy with this six speed .

She has not put a lot of miles on it yet , didn't use it at all in the winter . It seemed real happy in the barn . Did take it to the all Ford MCA Show in Little Rock late last Sept . Before putting it away .

M C A Regional Show at Crain Ford Little Rock .

Missed a really nice local show last month because of weather . It was 95 degrees and extremely humid , so decided not to go . Not a lot of shade at the shows . Hope for cooler shows to come .

The plate , (TAG) that Arkansas issued to it was ok , but just generic . We wanted a plate that would be special to this model . M C A centered was available so we put in for it . Got it in about four weeks total . We think it looks good on it . 
Sitting in the barn sporting the new tag .
This brings us up to date , on Lin's Mustang , We hope to have more to post soon .

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 2016

Well we have made it past the forth of July. Always a big deal out here by the lake. They do like their fireworks around here. At least five nights of big stuff, from 9PM to midnight.
Our family was spread out all over the country. Some were flying and some were driving. That always makes us nervous. Everybody has made it home safe and sound and all is good. One group went to grandson's graduation from Navy Training at Great Lakes center. A 3200 mile round trip drive for them.Our youngest girl flew to Buffalo N.Y. for long weekend. Grandson from VA flew to Denver and than on to Oregon for a wedding of a friend of his.
All trips were a big success.
And again , no work on the barn. Weather in June turned from rain and wet to hot and humid. So far it has stayed that way.
No major problems with us or our stuff and we are grateful for that.
We now have a new little pony living in the barn. He belongs to Lin and she loves him very much.
We will be posting more on him shortly.

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